Site Reps

Neil Cameron
01373 461777

Sites Manager
Alistair Wood
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Vice Chair
Rick Anderson
01373 472211

Anita Wood
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Gerry Gasson
01373 471666

Waiting List Enquiries
Anita Wood
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Welshmill Site
Alistair Wood
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Neil Cameron
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Mike Darville
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Orchard Street Site

Judy Hosegood
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Mendip View Site

Mike Hough
01373 461831

Muriel Jones Field

Gerry and Arthur Gasson
01373 471666

Queens Road & Cranmore View Sites
Frank Norman
01373 465867

North Hill
Derek Trick
01373 471607

Singers Knoll
David Herbie Herbert
07766 915327

From the blog:

AGM for members of Frome Allotment Association

The AGM for members of Frome Allotment Association will be on Wednesday April 4th 7pm at Trinity Main Hall. An agenda will be sent...

Rook Lane Show

A show at Rook Lane Chapel this Thursday.”Three Acres And A Cow” – a history of land rights and protest in folk song and...

Muriel Jones: the open day is coming up

This year the NGS Muriel Jones Open day is 4th July

You can hear about how things went last year via this...