Plots Shape up at Birchill Lane, Muriel Jones Site

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Plot holders have been busy at Birchill Lane, clearing the turf. The photo below shows the new Community Plot. Tutor Marina Swinburne and volunteer, Lara Nicholls, have been working with ten enthusiastic people on the new course run by Frome Community Education in partnership with Frome Allotment Association.
09-03-2013 Muriel Jones Allotments 055

Plot Holders first job is to take the grass off the surface.Photos by Alistair Wood

Team work ensures good progress.

Team work ensures good progress.

A variety of methods have been used to lift the turf: diggers, turf lifting machines, spades, turfing irons.

So many ways to lift the turf and create a new plot.Photo by Alistair Wood

So many ways to lift the turf and create a new plot.

Everyone has to help when it comes to clearing the ground.
09-03-2013 Muriel Jones Allotments 064

4 responses to “Plots Shape up at Birchill Lane, Muriel Jones Site”

  1. Nick says:

    Would anyone at Muriel Jones be interested in sharing the cost of half-a-day’s turf cutter hire some time over Easter?

  2. Elizabeth Feltoe says:

    Hello Muriel Jones allotment holders. I’ve posted a message ref ordering compost on the front page, under the section on Training Courses; could anyone who’s interested check it out?

  3. Tracy Nunns says:

    I have been walking these fields for thirteen years and had always dreamt of buying this field…. Would love the chance to be able to grow veg and flowers on one of these plots…. Fingers crossed.

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