Frome Selwood Horticultural Society’s 44th annual show

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Some of the entries from Frome Selwood Horticultural Society’s 44th annual show at Selwood Academy on 25th August.

Andy Wilson’s winning heaviest marrow.

Prize-winning dahlias from Alistair Wood.

Beautiful selection of veg

These large-headed white dahlias were grown at Welshmill allotments by Alistair Wood

6 responses to “Frome Selwood Horticultural Society’s 44th annual show”

  1. judy smith says:

    Good evening from Canada,
    I need some help with a book I’m writing about the wife of Sir John Harris (Lady Alice Harris). They were from Frome. He died in his garden at “Stonelands” on Bath Road in Frome, May, 1940. (Does that house still exist?)
    Is there anybody amongst you who could tell me what could possibly have been growing in his garden in May; flowering shrubs, bushes, trees, flowers? Your growing seasons are different than our own. If anybody has any ideas/ guesses/information please pass along my e-mail. I would be most grateful.
    Thank you very much,
    Judy Pollard Smith
    Ontario, Canada.

  2. allotments says:

    Hi Judy

    Stonelands still exists on Bath Road. The yellow of laburnum and purple and white lilac are the ubiquitous flowering shrubs in these parts in May.

  3. andrew vowles says:

    Hello, Judy. We sat together today at M Thien workshop during GritLIT this aft. Thanks for passing along info about new Quarterly,

    In turn, I mentioned another female writer — apart from Alice Seeley Harris — who had ventured into African heart in early 1900s. Emily Hahn, longtime New Yorker writer. Her book Congo Solo is a journal of her travels into Belgian Congo.

    By the way, my own family on both sides hails from Bristol, Keynsham, Saltford further along the Bath Road from Frome — although I’ve never visited Frome myself.

  4. Maureen says:

    Hello Judy, I live in Frome, close to Stonelands. You may be interested to know that there are 2 very large stones in the grounds of Stonelands. They are thought to have come from a neolithic burial site. Remains of this have been found close to Stonelands, though they have now been built on. If you look for details of excavations at Fromefield 1965 you will find more details. Good luck with your book.

    • judy smith says:

      Thank you very much Maureen for the information about the stones.
      I’ll keep your e-mail and I will look up Fromefields.

  5. Norbert MBU-MPUTU says:

    Sorry; when and where Alice Harris died and buried?… and her husband, where she was buried?… Thank you

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